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Tiles — Connecting with your music collection.


Modern music listening experiences often lack suspense. The black box present in modern technologies such as mobile phones abstract away what's going on behind the interface and don't require any process to interact with. Any song in the world is just one click away, no sonic feedback, no haptic feedback and flat visual feedback.


Tiles is an exploration of how a tangible interface could present music listening as the sophisticated process it was intended to be.

By mechanically moving the top down, music moves from the collection into the player and presents the user with album info and playback controls.
Navigating the music collection, queuing a song and increasing volume.

Our approach is a device which puts emphasis on the albums, their artworks and information. In contrast to music streaming apps, Tiles provokes a careful selection of music and elegant interactions to enjoy your favorite songs.

Project Info

3 weeks, spring 2022
Sound Design Course
Umeå Institute of Design


Emile Chuffart
Tobias Ertel
Oscar Olsson

Highlights & Contribution

Experience Prototyping

Initially, I explored a tangible slider as a media controller, navigating through albums.

Then a rough mockup of the interactions with the device was made in ProtoPie. This allowed to quickly explore, experience and iterate interface ideas.

I created a physical experience prototype to try out the tangible interface in combination with the sounds and the graphical user interface.

A projector was used to show what the screens would display. The electronics communicate with ProtoPie through an Arduino.

Turn up the volume to hear the audio.

Model Making

This project was a collaboration with the Product Design MFA, the mockup bellow is mostly their work. I helped shaping the mechanical parts and did the video editting.