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Tech Explorations

A collection of small side projects I worked on during my internship at Above, the bigger work is under NDA unfortunately.

Radar Presence

Exploring the possibilities of ultra-wideband radar to detect human presence. Novelda UWB X4 sensor is talking to ProtoPie through a custom Python bridge. ProtoPie is visualizing the data and controlling a NeoPixel through an Adafruit Feather M0.

IR Touchbar

An interaction exploration of an infrared touch sensor in combination with MadMapper and ProtoPie. Using textured fabric to touch and projection map onto.


Projection mapping Figma to get a quick feel for interactions, dimensions and layout. MadMapper screencapturing Figma and projected onto various projection surfaces.


An I2C trackpad visualization, Azoteq TPS65 trackpad sensor as input for ProtoPie. A platform to try different trackpads and explore material overlays.