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Tech Explorations

A collection of side projects over the years.

Pixel Art Generator

Prompting the ChatGPT API to draw an image in an 8x8 grid, outputting it on an LED matrix through Serial. Built with React and Arduino, in collaboration with Lukas Moro.


"Letter A"


"Space Invader"


Micro interaction to go from 0:59 to 1:00, made with SwiftUI.

3D Head

Mouse tracking head made with React Three Fiber and post processing. 3D created with a Lidar scanner, cleaned with MeshMixer and Blender. Hover over it!

Entering Digital

Distortion as the physical enters the digital world. Loads of particles make the lines in Unity VFX, LeapMotion for the hand tracking.

Shader Noise

Using shaders to generate colorful animations. Made using various noise textures and gradients in Blender.

Cupra Ferro

In a collaboration with Cupra, we explored how a ferro fluid could co-exist in a vehicle, and represent intelligence in a more abstract way. It moves throughout the vehicle, changes shape and expresses intionality to express itself to the humans inside of the vehicle.

Autonomous -> Driving -> Speed
Autonomous -> Touching -> Status

I created the ferro fluid animations using Blender, combined them with the interface elements in ProtoPie, and projection mapped that onto the physical model. The UI was done by Marie Spreitzer, the CAD by Nikita Zatonskiy.

We experimented with various types of ferro fluids, trying different proportions of the chemicals and carrying liquids to explore the behavior and aesthetics of this material.

Ferro fluid made using iron powder and motor oil, on a speaker magnet.

Kinect Kitchen

Projection mapping and image processing in TouchDesigner, Kinect for body tracking.

MIDI Controller

Arduino project from back in 2015, a MIDI Controller for FL Studio. Illuminated arcade buttons, potentionmeters and 5 segment LED filter level indicators.